On Touchi Extract – Dr. Neil Shay From Oregon State University Covers the Remarkable Benefits.

A food science and technology professor at Oregon State University, Dr. Neil Shay’s primary research interests are in “functional foods and their bioactive components that influence human metabolism” and he specifically focuses on “compounds of fruits and vegetables and their influence on heart disease and diabetes”.

In a short but revealing video presented on ihealthtube, Dr Shay explains the in-depth research experiement that Japanese scientists undertook when they discovered the powerful effects of touchi extract on blood glucose metabolism. Many of these foods – such as the black soy bean that Touchi is derived from – have been regularly consumed for centuries.

100 commonly consumed foods were analysed by the scientists, screening the extracts of the foods to see if there was any food extract that worked to inhibit carbohydrate digestion. The Touchi Extract was first pinpointed for its beneficial effects in metabolism of carbohydrate in this study.

Additional important to note:

- Doses given to patients in Touchi Extract safety studies found no gastrointestinal issues at 3 times the recommended therapeutic dose – indicating the safety of the compound. Animals given excessive doses were also unaffected by such doses.

-Touchi Extract doesn’t act as a bioactive drug. Instead, Touchi acts on glucose metabolism by operating within the gut itself (external to the body) and doesn’t penetrate the wall of the gastrointestinal tract. It is instead excreted from the body and/or is broken down by the bacteria of the gut and then excreted, never entering the bloodstream as a drug would.

-Most importantly the experimental outcome from the human studies proved the slowing down of the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood stream as a result of Touchi supplementation, resulting in less of a post-meal glucose spike. This result is ideal for the many individuals exhibiting gluscose metabolism problems.

-At the conclusion of these 3 and 6 month studies, participating subjects were found to now have improved “fasting” blood glucose levels. This was an important result for researchers, and for the Touchi Extract as it indicated that baseline (non-meal associated) glucose levels had retreated in those individiuals with previously elevated levels.

-HB1AC, a biological indicator in the blood, describes how elevated blood sugar has been over a long period of time. This marker also dropped in the study, indicating that Touchi Extract is able to have lasting effectiveness with a supplementation regime.

Reports from individuals here in Australia supplementing with Touchi Extact have echoed all of the above sentiments in daily use of Touchi Extract, evident by their repeat orders and satisfaction with the product, and the sometimes loud demands for more! (Yes Sam ;-) i’m talking about you…)

The Story of Touchi Extract – What Exactly is Touchi Extract?

The Japanese have done it again with Touchi Extract, the startling new supplement for diabetes. They have effectively isolated a powerful alpha-glucosidase inhibitor ["huh"? .. more about this later ;-) ], confirmed these benefits repeatedly in clinical human trials, and then extracted the key element and put this new natural supplement for diabetes into a convenient tablet form. Beneficial not only for diabetics looking for alternative therapies, but also individuals tackling obesity and weight issues.

But What Exactly is Touchi Extract?

Beans have been booming recently as one of nature’s “miracle foods”. Popularised to a large extent as the key carbohydrate element to the “slow carb diet” in Tim Ferris’ “Four Hour Body“, beans have re-ignited people’s passion for Mexican food and bean salads. It is hard to argue with the status of “superfood” – beans are high in soluble fibre, protein, folate and iron, and have basically zero saturated fats or “fast” sugars such as fructose. According to Jonny Bowden* beans are “the ultimate blood sugar regulator”.

Touchi Extract is a compound taken from black glycine max beans, (black soy beans) that have been fermented with the Aspergillus oryzae micro-organism. Although this sounds like a highly scientific process – in reality, fermented black soy beans have been a key ingredient in asian food for centuries! The fermented soy-bean provides the basis for soy sauce, miso, black bean sauce and more.

Extraction of the Touchi occurs through a hot water extraction method, where the fermented beans are ground up, and mixed with heated water. The amount of extract obtained from this method is quite high, with 15g of beans providing a yield of 4.5g of active ingredient that makes up the supplement. The actual composition of the extracted Touchi compound through this method is consistent with what is contained in the typical fermented black soy bean food. This makes the extract a convenient, cost effective and faithful like-for-like supplement for the beans themselves.

The powder obtained from the extraction process under typical analysis contains 55 % protein, no more than 1 % fat, 25 to 30 % of carbohydrate and approximately 7.8 % ash. From here, the light brown powder is usually formed into pills for convenient dosing, although powder sachets of the extract have also been available at times. The tablets do retain some of the fermented, yeast-like smell, but are not at all unpleasant to take and those taking the supplement should have no problem in this respect.

Now we know what it is, the next step will be to define the precise biological activity of Touchi Extract, illustrating the core scientific principles of how this natural diabetes supplement assists in controlling our blood glucose.

*Jonny Bowden, “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”.

Touchi Extract – The Secret Japanese Supplement

Finally – Touchi Extract, a brilliant and relatively new supplement extract – scientifically proven to help diabetics and the obese with their blood glucose – is gaining some well deserved recognition.

You are probably here because you have read about, heard about, been recommended to try, or are just curious about Touchi Extract.

But the important questions are:

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Does it really work?
  • How do you spell it? ;-)
  • How do I get it?

Well, I am yet to find a quality, easy to navigate resource on Touchi Extract, so as a scientist – I figured I’d take on the responsibility to create one :-)

Many of you will be here looking into Touchi Extract’s use in treating your diabetes, or in positively impacting your glucose metabolism in regards to obesity. These are serious health issues and will be treated with respect in discussions.

I will try to keep all presentations easy to read and avoid getting caught up in too much scientific mumbo jumbo – whilst still creating a solid resource here.

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